• Libr 200: Librarian Stereotypes Meme

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    Each of the first five images I chose represents a classic stereotype about librarians: the “old maid,” the “enforcer,” the “sex object,” the nerdy, pathetic male librarian, and the “walking encyclopedia.” The last image shows information professionals as they really are: ordinary people. Men and women of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and personalities, who happen to have chosen a career in information.

    • I absolutely agree that the images you chose to represent classic librarian stereotypes are true to form. Before I decided to become a librarian, I cannot say that I had a specific image as to what librarians looked like nor what they did other than lead patrons to information and check out books. After making the decision to go to library school, I hear all types of comments from people about librarians. Many people ask why I don’t wear glasses. “All librarians wear glasses.” I’m often asked random facts about any and everything because of course librarians and library students know anything and everything. I’ve heard things like, “I like you, you have beauty and brains.” What else were they expecting. Is it so odd to have one OR the other. So I have come to understand that the librarian has so many stereotypes to combat just to get the job done. But t the end of the day, they always come to us because either we have the answer or we know how to find it. And this is done regardless to what the preconceived notion of the librarian was prior to entering the library. We are, like you said ordinary people…with a little more information than others.

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